Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ajo AZ, Quitobaquito

We signed up for and took a tour given by the folks at Organ Pipe NM to Quitobaquito.  What is that you ask??  A spring, an oasis, right next to the Mexican border.  Of course the spring is very important because it is a spring in a desert but also important because it houses a species of pup fish found only there.  The fish don't get any larger than guppy size but are prolific in the spring and have been for at least hundreds of year if not more.

The drive and tour was very interesting as we were right next to the border.  We were escorted by the border patrol and were told we would also be watched over by the patrol during our visit as the spring is a choice crossing place for illegals.

park volunteers up front.....

and half of the rest of us in the back with myself and Mike on the right,  we had 2 vans full

here you can see the fence ahead cutting across the hills.....

a portable lookout tower used by the border patrol....

note how low the fence is in this area.....couldn't keep anything out!

well maybe vehicles

getting ready for our little jaunt

there is the spring....

listening to a history lesson

first sighting of the pup fish,  look at them all!

this cook seem to be looking also.....

and this kingfisher was having a heyday!   lots of fresh fish available

these are owl feathers from an unfortunate victim of probably a coyote?

nice one!

desert blooming everywhere

on a nearby hill, this person wanted to be buried facing this beautiful area

the source of the spring

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