Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fort Bayard, Silver City, NM

We leave Alamogordo tomorrow for Brantley State Park where we will be staying for a couple of days so we can check out Carlsbad Caverns.  Once again we may not have internet at the state park so I am going to be behind for a while with my posts!  Here is more of what we saw while we were in City of Rocks SP:

Fort Bayard Historical Landmark located near Silver City was very interesting as it started out as a fort then became an army hospital and finally a VA hospital before being abandonded 40 years ago.  They still give tours around the facility occasionally but don't use the buildings anymore which stand empty now.  We enjoyed a good walk around while stopping to read the story boards here and there.

Silver City has one of those wonderful, eclectic, colorful historical downtown areas with little art galleries and a brewery:)

Silver City Museum

Toad Creek Brewery

I love checking out the architecture

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  1. The brewery must be new, as we didn't see it when we were in Silver City last spring for 1 month. We really enjoyed the town and all the surrounding trails and unique areas. Have fun!


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