Friday, April 11, 2014

Luna Mimbres Museum, Deming, NM

We went to this museum when we went to Deming for a day last week.  Seems like most towns of any size have a museum and I love them because they help preserve the history of the area and give an insight to the people there.

This museum in Deming was that and more, much more!  They have an outstanding Mimbres pottery collection and rooms and rooms of local history as well as several private collections that have been donated to the museum over the years.   We spent hours there and it was easy and very enjoyable:

I love the bold geometric patterns and the animals in these bowls.  Note that most of the bowls have a hole in them.  These were bowls used in burials and the hole was made to allow the spirit to escape.

huge geode collection

this cart was used by a local for many years 

a bell collection


  1. I like the blogs new look!

    Isn't that Mimbres pottery beautiful! Looks like a great museum. We never made it to Deming while in NM...

  2. Thanks, got bored with the old look. So many places in NM for you two to still see... us as well for that matter!


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