Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smokey Bear, Ft. Stanton, Bottomless Lakes SP

We were tickled to learn that 30 miles west of Roswell in the Lincoln National Forest is the place where Smokey Bear was born!  It was interesting to learn more about the original Smokey Bear.

Smokey was brought back after he died at the age of 26 and laid to rest here.

Smokey right after he was rescued on the right and on the left, his home in Washington D.C.

Can you find the encased baby bottle on the right?  It was Smokey's and the only one that survived being eaten by him:)

Historic Fort Stanton is also located in the Lincoln National Forest.  These now mostly abandoned buildings served many different purposes after it was a military fort in 1855

original Catholic Chapel

officers quarters
Not far from Roswell, heading east, is Bottomless Lakes State Park.  Roswell sits and is surrounded by very, very flat land for miles and miles.  About 15 miles east of Roswell, however, is a bluff about 100 ft high which runs many miles and in that bluff are some sink holes which contain water and form Bottomless Lakes.  My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed here in Roswell at what was Walker AFB( long gone) in 1965.  I remember  going out to the state park.

The largest lake, Lea Lake, actually has a beach and you can take small boats out on the lake

leaving the state park we came across this large herd of mule deer

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