Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blanton Museum of Art and more Lady Bird Lake, Austin

Downtown, on the UT campus, we enjoyed the Blanton Museum.  It houses a very nice Renaissance collection and modern art is always fun:

This entire hall is a work of art in blue and whit acrylic

 View of the capitol building from the museum:

 We have now covered every inch of trail around Lady Bird Lake and have certainly had some nice walks and enjoyed the sights.  It is a shame about the amount of garbage in the lake but we did see a volunteer organization down there doing is best to help alleviate the ongoing issue with resource help from the city:

 A low water dam crosses the east end of the lake:

 Tis the season!

Congress Bridge, the largest urban bat colony (over a million)lives under this bridge in the summertime! 

Hops and Grain brewery and beer samples after a walk!


  1. Love the sleigh on the water!

    I see breweries in our future... ;-)

  2. There were a few fishermen out there that day dressed as Santa. Fun!.....No end to new brews!!!!