Sunday, December 21, 2014

Longhorn Caverns, Burnet, TX

We are visiting family now for the holidays and will return to Austin for the last few days of our stay there but a couple of days before we left we drove to Burnet to visit Longhorn Caverns.  Definitely one that should be checked out when in the area!  Great history as well.

The caverns were known to the Indians long before the White Man who came to the area in the 1840's.  During the Civil War, gunpowder was made and stored here. In the 1870's outlaws,the Sam Bass gang, sometimes lived in the cave and during the 1920's it was the site of a nightclub.

It home to the Pipistrelle bat, of which only about 60 live in the cave but we were lucky enough to see two of them.

 Built by the Conservation Corp, this used to be the park office:

Pipistrelle bat


  1. nice... never visited them in all our years in Texas... just may have to next time...

  2. Wow, those are some pretty cool caves!


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