Friday, December 5, 2014

McKinney SP, Upper Falls

We went back to McKinney SP to do the Onion Creek Trl which starts at the Upper Falls.  Very similar to the Lower Falls but prettier I think.  On the trail, we saw 3 coyotes cross the path in front of us one at a time.  I have never seen that before and asked at the front gate visitor center.  We were told due to lots of nearby clearing of land for home building they were seeing more coyotes.  But in a pack in the day time....that was a first.  Hmmmm.

Upper McKinney Falls

Onion Creek

even on a grey day, this guy took a nice pic!
 Standing on the falls you can see a building through the trees.  This was the visitor center until just over a year ago when a flood, raising 42 feet above the creek, flooded the building and damaged the foundation.
 Fallen oak leaves in the little pools look pretty!


  1. I don't think you need to worry about coyotes unless you are a small dog or an infant! The most we've ever seen at once is two, that was quite a sighting you had!

  2. I agree, but these were very healthy looking coyotes and it was a bit unnerving! If, as it seems to be, they are banding together because of loss of land...will they start behaving like wolves? Just food for thought.


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