Monday, November 7, 2016

Caw Caw Park, Ravenel, SC

We have had a great week on the South Carolina coast.  Our campground, Lake Aire, is located just outside Charleston and only a few miles from the Caw Caw Interpretive Center in Ravenel.  We went there twice for hiking as it is not only close it is way cool!

This park has history and alligators!  A swamp, some of this area was turned into rice fields and kept up by enslaved Africans many years ago.  Now many trails with several boardwalks take one through  beautiful swamp areas and what remains of those rice fields.  Nature abounds here from alligators to all types of water fowl and lush vegetation:

shadows of palmettos on the algae in the swamp

our first gator sighting, this is a full grown gator

Most amazing sight!  I shot this green heron after just having caught a snake and we watched a while as he tried to make it dinner.  I'm sure it happened eventually;)

tri-color heron

blue heron

2nd hike there we saw this gal about 10 minutes after hitting the trail and me saying that it would make my day to see a bald eagle out here!

a juvenile gator maybe 2 years old

two herons being carefully watched by a gator in the background

green heron

note two gators in the foreground

At our campground we have resident ducks who visit to see if we have food.

We enjoyed Low Tide Brewing!:)

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