Thursday, November 3, 2016

Croatan National Forest, Hammocks Beach State Park, NC

From Lenexa, NC, we had easy access to the Croatan National Forest. Not your typical forest as you can see below on this trail we enjoyed there:

Took these pics of a barred owl through several trees hence the little fuzzy areas.  Still nice to get the shots:)

yellow belly slider
 That afternoon:
a North Carolina winery!
 Along the coast here are many small islands. One morning while in Lenexa we drove just a few miles to Hammocks Beach State Park and took a 15 minute ferry ride over to Bear Island for the morning.  No vehicles are allowed on the island. Camping is permitted but you must take all you need and bring it all back. With 4 miles of beach we anticipated and nice beach walk, so relaxing:

walking out to take the little ferry over to Bear Island for a hike along the beach

pics from the ferry......

drop off at Bear Island, no bears;)  forgot to ask how the island got it's name

how is this for pristine?  Simply beautiful.

Mike looking for shells

seagull tracks

and a stranded horseshoe crab in a tidal pool

Shells, shells, shells!

shells and seagulls


nice morning!!

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