Monday, October 31, 2016

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

We spent a half day visiting Colonial Williamsburg and really enjoyed the morning.  It is a mostly restored colonial village where the employees dress in period costumes and speak in the manner of the day;)  I say mostly restored as there are some buildings that were restored on original foundations and some built entirely based on known buildings that existed in the area during that period.

You can purchase tickets to view demonstrations of various crafts inside some of the buildings and go into special areas or you can walk around at your leisure and enjoy the buildings from the outside and still see some crafts being demonstrated.  Of course there are shoppes to peek into. We opted to see what we could enjoy just walking around as the tickets were expensive and involved really more than one day to see everything properly.

Reproduction of the Governor's Palace

 The George Wythe House, below, was owned by the first Virginia signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Washington used the house as his headquarters in 1781 before the siege of Yorktown.

colonials on horseback riding down the palace green

Burton Parish Church and grave yard

These two ladies were hard at work, especially the one on the right.....

who wrestled this sheep to a "sitting" position so she could cut his wool!

Mike learns a solitaire game of dice and numbers

made a couple of new friends!

hard at work finishing of a pewter spoon which had to have the mold trimmings removed and hours of polishing!

Testing brews at the Brass Cannon

and Alewerks after the walk around
Colonial Williamsburg!


  1. Can you imagine shearing sheep with scissors! We are so fortunate to live now instead of 100 years or more ago!

    1. Had I lived back then Lisa, I doubt I would have lived a very long life;)


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