Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hiking and Museums, MD and VA

From our campground in WV we took the jeep to Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland for a hike.  This park is set in a lovely hilly, forested area.  We did a very nice, what was supposed to be a moderate but should have been labeled steep ups and downs, walk that gave us a good work out and some great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Visited this winery while in Thurmont, MD, after the hike

Oct 18th, a move to Lenexa,
Virginia for a week.

Lots to do and see here and we
kicked off our visit with a drive
into Richmond.  Their free fine
arts museum is top notch and displays art from many of the masters

Ivory tusk carving of a mother and child

Below, Monet's Field of Poppies
 The museum was holding a special event with florists using artistic design to give their impressions
of specific art pieces, what a delight!

A Degas......

and some Tiffany

a Tiffany glass window, originally made for and set into a private house, now in the museum

Mike liked this painting, He thought the grapes look 3D, I agree!  So happy he enjoyed a little of the museum!

After enjoying some beer at Strangeways (they had a great sour!)...

we checked out the Museum of the Confederacy and toured the Confederate White House

A National Historic Landmark, the White House of the Confederacy 1861-65, Jefferson Davis and family lived here


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