Thursday, October 20, 2016

First State National Monument

Thursday, Oct 13th, we drove from our campsite in PA into Delaware.  It is a bit confusing to have these states so close together that, not only can you drive through them quickly, but we are staying in one state and visiting one or two connecting states these days and it is hard to keep track!

We ventured into Delaware to check it off as another state visited and it will be one of a few that we will not be actually staying in.  But we spent a day there and visited a national monument and then a couple of wineries in New Jersey and then a brewery in Delaware before driving back into PA!!!

loving all the covered bridged we are seeing!

We stopped by this historical park first but it was just a sign on what appeared to be a few acres of land so we ventured on to our next stop, New Castle.

Delaware,  was born amidst a struggle between, Sweden, The Netherlands and Great Britain.  The three nations took turns gaining control of the colony until the English finally held onto it.  Eleven years after the Declaration of Independence on Dec 7, 1787, Delaware became the First State

The New Castle Courthouse shows the flags of the 4 nations that have helped shape Delaware

William Penn had been granted the colony by King Charles II in 1682.
The Arsenal, now the visitors center

these headstones at Emmanuel Church have visible dates but many stones in this grave yard are so weathered nothing can be read

the oldest house in New Castle built in 1700

Old Library Museum

original cobblestone roads

 Below on the left is the vacant lot where George Reads house stood.  Read signed the Declaration of Independence and was acting governor during the Revolution.  He was also Chief Justice of Delaware and Delawares first senator.  Next door stands the home of his son, George Read II.  Built in 1801 it has been restored and now serves as a museum.

 In-between the houses, a very important alley way right off the Delaware River:

beautiful old homes maintained for 250+ years!
 Taking a short walk on a stretch of the Delaware River we saw a large bird out on a small island:

the eagle is sitting on that little island

view of the buildings around the square in front of the courthouse
 Leaving Delaware we drove into New Jersey to visit wineries:

they have a great cab franc! 

 So you see what I mean when I say confusing!!

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