Saturday, October 15, 2016

9/11 Memorial, Lower Manhattan, NY

Back to Jersey City the next day to take a water "taxi" over to Manhattan.  We had a little light rain that day, Oct 8th, but nothing to get in our way.  The 9/11 Memorial was very close and after spending some time at the memorial, we made our way to a few other historical places popping into a pizza joint for a slice at lunch:

our water taxi which will take us from Jersey City over to Lower Manhattan

I don't care for big cities but this is impressive!
 Below is a layout of the memorial pools where the twin towers once stood and the surrounding area showing the new World Trade buildings, some under construction.  We started at the south pool and walked around it and  then walked around the north pool before moving on:

The names of all that perished in relation to the fall of the towers are inscribed around the two pools.  It is, at is should be, very moving:

...and unborn child, we saw more than one of these

After spending time at the memorial we checked out the Oculus which covers the mall below and the future train stations.

Then on to Trinity Church:

Trinity Church

Alexander Hamilton, among other VIPs, rests here

The NY Stock Exchange from Federal Hall

in 1789, right in front of his statue at Federal Hall, George Washington took the oath of office to become our first president 

St. Pauls, unfortunately closed for renovation
The Bell of Hope hangs outside the chapel and was presented to NYC from London in 2002.  Cast in the same foundry as the Liberty Bell.  The bell is rung every Sept. 11th symbolizing triumph over tragedy.

 We stopped in to see the National African Burial Monument on Broadway

X-rays of some of the 1500 graves on this site

Castle Garden National Monument at Battery Park

A little art on the way back to the water taxi

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