Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Valley Forge National Historical Park, PA

A day at Valley Forge NSP.  This is where George Washington set up command of his troops just a days march outside of Philadelphia, which in 1777 was occupied by the British.  He spent the winter there for training and recuperation from the years battles as fighting had stopped due to winter weather and impassable roads.

As it turned out for the troops, food, clothing, and supplies were in very short supply until Washington persuaded Congress to send the badly needed supplies. Washington gave Baron von Steuben the job of training the troops and he taught the men new skills and how to fight as a unified army.  With 12,000 troops and 400 women and children, the camp was the 4th largest city in America for the 6 months it was in existence.

We knew there was not much to actually see here as is often the case with these sties but we also knew we should be able to get in a good walk.  We actually saw more than expected and the walk and weather were very nice:

 On the grounds sits the Washington Memorial Chapel honoring soldiers of the American Revolution.
Washington Memorial Chapel
 It is an active Episcopal church run by private organizations and built as a tribute to George Washington and the Continental Army.  Completed in 1917 this chapel is just amazing from the stain glassed windows to the many carved figurines of soldiers and other wonderful carving throughout.  It reminded me of English cathedral....on a smaller scale:

in the courtyard a statue to mothers of the nation
 Along our trail and off into the woods on one side we could see grave markers of soldiers that did not make it through that winter

Reconstructed cabins dot the park to show how the soldiers lived

12 to a cabin!

The National Memorial Arch honors the soldiers perseverance and expresses hope for future generations

It also turned out to be a good bird day!  You would think it was spring not the middle of October!!

a cannon faces Philadelphia which was a full days march then

George Washington's headquarters, the house was rented from the land owner

one of the rooms Washington prepared strategy with his officers

Washington's stayed on the farm where his headquarters were

Nearby in Parkesburg, we found a winery and brewery to check out:)

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