Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Freedom Trail, Boston, Continued

Our next stop on the trail was the Copp's Hill Burying Ground which has the remains of some interesting people and epitaphs to read.  For example: William Clark, who was a "Despiser of Sorry Persons and Little Actions"

Then it was a nice walk over the Charles River on the Charlestown Bridge....
from the Charlestown Bridge with the Bunker Hill Monument in the background

Which took us to the Charleston Ship Yard where a plaque indicated the landing spot of the British leading to the battle of Bunker Hill.
 The shipyard houses the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.  She is in dry dock for extensive renovation at this time but is manned by an active duty US Navy Crew.  She also is open for tours....but was not the day we were there!! How disappointing!!

USS Constitution under going repairs.  Note her cannons lying on the deck.

On to the Bunker Hill Monument, the final stop on the Freedom Trail.  "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!" became the famous battle cry according to lore for the under equipped Colonists who stood facing the might of the British Army on June 17,1775.  One of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolution leaving 1400 casualties on the field.  This monument commemorates the site of the first major battle for freedom.
Bunker Hill Monument, site of the first major battle of the American Revolution

at the top of the hill and 290 stairs up inside the monument, some nice views of Boston

inside the top of the monument

the end of the Trail marked with a plaque on the ground next to the monument 

to celebrate our completion of the trail, dinner at a lovely little Italian place in the heart of what appears to be Little Italy in Boston......

La Famiglia Giorgio's
 After dinner, and because we had to walk quite some way back yet, a stop at the Bell in Had Tavern for a brew:)
  Once back in the square near the train station we took one last opportunity to really take a good look in the Boston Library.  A beautiful building with mural collections from several different artists.  A pleasure to explore.....and for free!
reflection of the chandelier in the window at the top of the main stairs

murals by French artist Pierre de Chavannes surround the walls of the staircase

 Edwin Austin Abbey, American illustrator, painted these murals of Galahads quest for the Holy Grail

American artist, John Singer Sergeant, painted a gallery of murals entitled "The Triumph of Religion"

We enjoyed a full day of history and culture while getting in plenty of exercise!  I hope to have whet some appetites for some of you to do the Freedom Trail should you go to Boston.  I barely touched on all the important events and people who make up the history of this trail.

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