Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fenway Park, Red Sox, Boston, MA

On Friday, September 30th, after arriving in Bellingham, Mass. the previous day, we took the train into Boston for a Red Sox game. Seeing Fenway Park was the only thing on Mike's bucket list!  Mine is a little more extensive:)

The ride on the train was about an hour and once again a great way to get into the big city while avoiding traffic and parking constrictions/fees.  The cost to park near Fenway Park is $50 during a game!!  Our round trip tickets from Bellingham to Boston were $40.  No gas costs and no driving or parking stress.  We had to walk 1.2 miles to the park and the game started at 7:30pm but the streets were wide and well lit for our return at midnight:)

We took the train out around early afternoon so we could take our time getting to the park and get there early enough to take a tour.

A cloudy day made the temp comfortable in the high 60s.  A half block from the train station we found ourselves in a large square with a beautiful church and a market.

The library was also there and we popped our heads in to take a look as we had been told it was a must do.  Will be writing more about these places later;)
Boston post office

We passed the finish line for the Boston Marathon....

and America's first sports bar??

Mikes first view of Fenway Park in person

does this man look happy or what:)

on the tour we had a great look at the park from all angles

the wall on the left is affectionately called The Green Monster....when you bat a home run over this thing.....

later just before game time.....

removing the rain shield from the infield before the game started

yes, it was raining and rained 3/4 of the game

fortunately it was a light rain;)
David Ortiz, Big Papi, warming up before the game.  He did hit a HR during the game!

first pitch of the game!

they won this night yay.  had already won the division

The next day, Saturday, we drove into Connecticut to visit a couple of wineries and a brewery:

The two wineries we visited grew all their own grapes and had beautiful vineyards and tasting rooms and had some good wines.

Willimantic Brewing Co. in Willimantic, CT. is located in the old historic post office building.  Way cool!!


  1. Glad Mike was able to check that off his extensive list! I bet it was unreal.

    1. He was a pretty happy camper son:)


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