Saturday, November 12, 2016

Middleton Plantation and Fort Sumter Among Other Things, SC

We did a lot in the Charleston area!  Here is a wrap up of the week as I must move on!!!

On another hike at our local county park, Caw Caw, I took these pics.  We had just begun the hike when I said to Mike that it would make my day to see a bald eagle......10 minutes later this beauty flew over head and landed long enough nearby for me to snap a couple of shots:

this may be the same green heron we saw with the snake a couple days previously

hard to see but this gator has at least 6 babies roaming around her
 The same day, Nov 4th, we spent the afternoon and evening at Middleton Place.  This plantation is known for it's French style landscaped gardens.  First settled in 1741 with the residence dating from 1705, it was the family seat of four successive generations of Middletons who played important roles in American history.  It has remained under the same family for over 300 years.

On a carriage tour, Jamie told us many stories of the plantation.  He was actually raised there.  Way cool!

The plantation is home to many animals. These work horses are there to pull the carriages tourists ride.

Several trades of the day are demonstrated daily with the trades people producing things that are sold on site.

Our tour of the only remaining building of the mansion, third from left, was very interesting as it contained all original furniture and art work!

the cooper (carpenter) 

yep, has resident gators and turtles

 A few days later we visited Fort Sumter ruins via another ferry:

Charleston in the background

passing Fort Pickney on the way to Fort Sumter
 Fort Sumter, as I am sure you all know;), was where the opening shots of the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861:
On Sunday, April 14, 1861, Major Anderson and his garrison marched out of the fort and boarded ship for transport to New York.  They had defended Sumter for 34 hours, until "the quarters were entirely burned, the main gates destroyed by fire, the gorge walls were seriously injured, the magazines surrounded by flames."  The Civil War had begun.

A Union mortar shell forever imbedded in the wall

Mike is looking at a model of Ft Sumter and the map on the wall shows it's location in the middle of the entrance to Charleston harbor
 We also attended a couple of music festivals.....finally caught a couple while were actually in town!!
Bluegrass Festival

Jazz Festival in Folly

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