Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

As you can see, I have changed the design.  Much better don't you think?  I also discovered, with Mike's help, that you can double click on the pictures to actually see them better. Duh...said I was learning;)

I told you all that I/we have this beautiful grandchild, Allie Marie, but did not have a picture for you which is just not here she is:

She is 3 months here.  Will have to update soon as she is now 5 months!

We walked around an art fest today at the local park with Anne Marie, Jim and the boys.  Hard to walk away from those things without buying something even if you don't have room so we bought a ceramic sponge holder, yep thats right, to go next to the sink.  Not a big thing, but useful.

Mike and I checked out a local brewery today also.  The Big Beaver Brewing Company.  It is in a large storage garage right now and business is so good that Peter, the owner, is hoping the space next to him where a non-denominational church is right now will soon become available so he can expand there.  He says the minister is very old and only has a few followers left so he doesn't think he will have to wait long.

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