Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On to Omaha

Missed yesterday because we had no internet at the state park in McCook, NE, where we spent the night.  It was a nice little park though, with 7 sites, free, only had electric but that is the most important thing!

Leaving Loveland on US 34 heading east yesterday morning through CO, we saw a lot of corn

And a lot of cattle

And at the park last night in McCook, NE,  we enjoyed a bottle of our very own wine, a zin blend, that we made with friends in a wine making club.  We call it, Zincarceration, and it turned out really good!

Today, as we headed further into NE towards Omaha, we saw...

Yep, lots more corn and ......

Soybeans...as far as the eye can see!  The small black specks you see in the pictures are bugs on the windshield.  Mike had to clean them off in the middle of the day they were so bad.

So we made it safely to Omaha and tonight I got to hold and play with my granddaughter, Allie.  Yay!

We will be here a month and I will post every few days or so as I am sure we will be doing some interesting things.

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