Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally a winery or two!

Yesterday, Saturday, Mike and I went to check out a couple of wineries in the area. There are actually several in Nebraska.  I knew the wines would be a lot different from the CA wines and tried really hard to keep an open mind and savor the new experience.  They can't produce the same types of wine because of the climate and region.

  Check out the Soaring Wings winery on the right at the top of the hill with grape vines.....then note on the left side of the road the corn.  Only in Nebraska:)  Don't forget, you can enlarge these pictures for a better look!

A wine we did like is a red, of course, it is called Chambourcin after the name of the grape.  The wines were so different we were happy to find one we both liked.  We bought a bottle of it from the Glacial Till tasting room in Ashland.  We found out that the winery of the same name is harvesting and needs all the help they can get and if you go and help they make breakfast for you.  We are going to try to help out in the next couple of weeks and get that experience under our belts!  Sounds like fun!

We will be checking out a few more wineries while we are here I am sure.

Today we (Mike and I and Jared, Jen and Allie) went to the Offutt Air Force Base for the annual air show and I will tell you a bit about that tomorrow.

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