Thursday, August 11, 2011

Already Catching Up!

OK, so after my first blog and promise to try to keep it up, we parked for the night in Ami's Acres campground right off the I-70  and next to the Colorado River in CO and.....they did not have wi-fi!  Well, they did, just a hotspot quite a ways from Paradise (our motorhome....yes, she has a name)So....

Today I have included a few pics.  The first is Paradise and the jeep at our first night in Richfield, UT.  The next pic is the "family" of bikes on the back of the motorhome next to us.  Thought that was so cute, note the training wheels on the smallest bike.  The the moon rising over the mountain across from our site at Ami's Acres last night in Glenwood Springs, CO.  And lastly, just a pretty pic taken of the stream in at Idaho Springs, CO, coming out of the pass.

The drive over the Rockies was awesome!  So beautiful!  I wonder if the skiers who go up there to Vail, Avon, etc., ever go back in the summer for the summer beauty.  Wow!  We will be going back that way because we did not factor in a stop at Rockies National Park, really goofed on that one.  So just an excuse, like we need one, to go drive that pass again.

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