Monday, August 29, 2011

Air Show at Offutt

I haven't seen an air show in a few years so the timing was about right.  Not that they are not interesting.  It is always cool to see the aircraft up close and watch the air shows.  The pilots and aircraft are amazing and it is incredible what they can do.

The show, and I think this was a first for me considering how many of them I've seen, did not feature the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels.  A navy team of, and I may not be right on this, T-34's, did the big show and a fine job of it.

In this next shot, please note the planes are passing inbetween each other going in opposite directions.  Great maneuver. Great shot too!;)

This next shot looks like helicopter playing yoyo....and that is exactly what he was doing.  This guy was good and a lot of fun.

Allie did very well. She did not like the noise from the jet, the F-15.  Heck, I had to put my hands over my ears for it but it is/was awesome and I enjoyed that demonstration very much.

Allie meets Cadet Inflatable......hmmmmm.

Gosh, she is sooooo cute!

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