Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Wineries

So we had  few days of not much going on....what can I say?  Now we have a lot going on and I will be a day behind probably for a couple of days. Oh well.

Yesterday Mike and I checked out a few more wineries located near Lincoln.  We headed out that way so we could end up, after a couple of wineries, at Jen's dad and stepmom's house to watch the first Husker game of the season.  The Huskers creamed UTC which was expected but also showed that they, the Huskers, have a lot more work to do themselves before playing any better teams.  It is really fun to see like the whole state turn out for these games.  You could never doubt for a moment that Nebraskans love their Huskers.

So, 2 wineries in the morning:

Nice view from the tasting room of the grape vines then the pond and hills.  This is a mom/pop winery that only has 5 acres of grapes and does not distribute their wine.  If you like it, you must buy it at the tasting room.  They also did a couple of choke cherry wines and I liked one of them enough to buy a bottle.  Fun, different!

You can see the picnic tables in front of this tasting room at James Arthur.  Most of the wineries have a place like this to enjoy the tastings, have a full glass of wine or buy a bottle and have it there.  Some of the wineries also sell bread, cheeses, etc......very nice

A staff person took us out back here and we got to watch the workers and the de-stemming process for one of the grapes.  That was a fun bonus!

We were on a 2nd floor patio looking down on the operation while sipping on our wine.

This was the third winery for the day and we stopped here after the game was over in Lincoln and we found the roads still really busy with all the traffic going home so when we saw a sing for this winery we made a detour and a visit to it!

We found a lot more dryer red wines at these wineries and are very happy about that as they tend to be what we prefer.  Though Mike does like the occasional port and will taste those if available.

Finally for the day a sunset picture taken just outside the Deer Springs winery.  Enjoy! Don't forget to tap on the pics to make them larger.

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