Friday, September 23, 2011


I love fossils!  Call me crazy but that kind of history just floats my boat.  Yesterday we had the chance to see some!

Thursday, Sept. 22

Another great day!  The wind was better today so it was cold but not constantly blustery cold if that makes sense.  

Our first stop of the day was the Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park.  It is an ongoing excavation under cover in a "barn".  The skeletons uncovered are 11 to 14 million years old and died because they were buried in an ash fall from a volcano and they happened to be in a watering hole.  The animal uncovered include types of rhinos, camels, hoses, elephants......who knew???  Very interesting, love this kind of stuff.

We then drove to Neligh and toured an old flour mill.  Had a personal tour and it was very interesting! 

Our tour guide had his son with him.  That is the little boy in the pics.

After the flour mill we found we were not too far from a winery......OK, we did know about it, it was planned.  We visited the Cuthills Vineyards  in Pierce.  The actually grew their own grapes and had several varieties.  So we tried some brand new wines for us.  Not too crazy about them but they did have a raspberry wine that was nice.

 And that was yesterday!  Today, Friday the 23rd, we packed up and drove to Valentine, NE.  It was actually 80 degrees when we got here.  So nice.  So it was a travel day.  We drove Highway 20 along the Missouri for a while and just a couple of weeks ago the road was closed due to flooding.  There was several miles of marsh land due to standing water on both sides of the highway.  

We are staying at the Fishberry campground and it is okay.  Close to Valentine for our running around which will be pretty much in the area.  Tomorrow we are going to a wildlife refuge.  Let's see what we find!

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