Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lets Talk Turkey

After posting a picture of a lone turkey yesterday, I realized you all may think I just put a stuffed turkey up on the fence to say there were wild turkeys but in fact not I took  a better picture of the flock this morning to prove I wasn't just talking turkey!

(Please remember to tap on the picture to enlarge.)

A picture of one of my favorite subjects sleeping in mommies lap......

Allie....angel.....starts with the same letter:)

Here is the best picture I was able to get of the full moon a few nights ago.  Not great but interesting.  The cloud cover makes it look more like the sun.  Again, interesting.

We enjoyed a brief but welcome visit from Mike's mom, Joyce, and her sister Jane last evening.  They were traveling through the area on their way back from attending Jane's 60th high school reunion in Two Rivers, WI.  Yes, you read that right, her 60th. How cool is that?  It was really nice to see them and wonderful for them to see Allie of course.


Freeport, FL

Tomorrow we head north out of Florida!  Time to move on.  We'll be heading north and west this year.  Do enjoy the winter,...