Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bison or Buffalo??

I will have to look that up one of these days.  They look the same to me!  Probably just different names for the same animal.  Well that is one of the things we did today, we saw bison.  Mike just informed me that there are only bison in North America. The 2 main buffalo species  are water buffalo and cape buffalo which are found in Asia and Africa respectively.  So we have bison.....and no they do not look the same.

We went to Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge just outside of Valentine to see the bison and as you can see from the pictures below we found them.  We had to go looking and did not see any for so long we were afraid we were not going to and then there they were.

We were also told to expect to see elk and only saw one but what a handsome buck indeed!

Then there were the prairie dogs.....

and insects....

I actually stepped on the snake you see in the following pictures and still feel bad about it.  I did not even see him.  Mike was behind me on the path and yelled and I turned around and he told me the little guy had literally slid across the path as I was stepping down and I stepped on him but did not feel it cause he is such a little one.  The pictures were taken after the fact so obviously he survived for the moment.

The path I just mentioned was a trail next to the Niobrara River and the waterfalls below were near or flowing into the river at various points.

The weather was lovely and it was another great day.  The picture below was taken last night right outside Paradise and the RV park we are staying at (Fishberry RV Park).

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