Sunday, September 25, 2011

THE Waterfall

Today was a short day as far as being out and about as we had to be back this afternoon so Mike could monitor his fantasy football.  But we had a nice drive and checked out Snake Falls which, by far, is the most impressive.  It is on the Snake River which probably feeds into the Niobrara.  I will have to check on that.

The volume of water coming over the falls was impressive and even more cool was that one can walk right up to the falls and look under it.  As it is in a narrow canyon, there was a constant mist in the air and keeping the camera lens dry was an issue.  Never the less, the following pics are all of the same falls.

Note the mud nests on the wall of the overhang in this last picture.

Mike wants to say hi to all....

And a few more pictures of interesting subjects we saw next to the road or, in the case of the snake, in the road.  Yes, two snakes in two days!  This one appeared to be sunning on the asphalt, probably warming up.

I thought these guys were pretty.  White bulls with curly hair.  Note the flies!!! Ugh!

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