Friday, September 30, 2011

Chimney Rock

I must start today with pictures of the pheasants we saw yesterday, our latest wild critter.

I realize I keep adding more and more pictures so I hope I am not boring some of you with too many.  For me this is what it is all about.  A picture tells a thousand words, right!  Unfortunately, I have not yet received any comments from anyone so I don't know.  I am thrilled to see my member list growing and I know there are others who are following us that have not yet become members.  I also know part of the reason for this is probably because it is a pain in the butt to become a member.  I imagine it is also difficult to comment.  Wish I could do something about it, that's where the "free" part of being able to do the blog is a pain.

I digress.  Today we drove to Chimney Rock about 25 miles away.  Before we headed out though, we stopped at the sugar mill to see if we could have a tour.  They don't do that any more unfortunately, OSHA regs. and all.  Had to capture the giant sugar beet sculpture in the foreground.  Mountains of sugar beets!

This last picture shows the "back side" of Scotts Bluff and in the foreground the green plants are sugar beets.    Not to worry, just a field away is corn!

So, Chimney Rock.  You cannot get close to the site as it is surrounded by private land.  Again, it was a major landmark for the pioneers and was highly written about and documented by them.

On our way back we drove through the tiny town of McGrew.  Had to take a picture of the Pink Palace for obvious reasons fellow Parrotheads!!!!

This little church also caught my eye.

We had our picnic lunch in this tiny town.  Note behind the fire department the tower with the yellow horns attached.  This is the tornado warning system and most towns we've seen have it somewhere.

Our last stop today was a wool mill.  Very cool.  Not operating today but we were given a tour anyway of all the machinery and told of the process.  Unfortunately,  I was not allowed to take pictures inside so what you see was from the gift shop.  They sell all over the world but are a small operation.

Hanging with the clogs are wool flip huh?

Before we got home, we stopped at a real meat market for steak for dinner tonight!

Mike's getting out the bar-b-que right now to do the steaks.....gotta go!

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