Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wildcat Hills SRA

Had a very nice time today hiking in the Wildcat Hills.  The only wildcat we saw was the one on the sign but it was a beautiful day and we had some nice views.  It was a treat to have pine trees around!

Mike enjoying the view.

It really felt like we were hiking on Mt. Charleston.  The temp is/was high 80's and there was prickly pear cactus and yucca all over.

The elevation was 5000 ft.  Probably some of the highest land in NE!

Some of you may have noticed we have been here  in Gering/Scotts Bluff for several days now.
We had originally planned on leaving Thursday but the next place we were going to forecasted 3 days of thunderstorms.  We did not want to spend 3 days indoors and it is beautiful here so we are staying through Monday leaving Tuesday morning To Rollings, WY for a night then on to Rifle, CO for a night then to our goal, Moab, UT, for at least 2 weeks.

This area is a major railroad hub and we have had to stop a few times for trains.

 This one is carrying coal.  It is pretty crazy, some of these trains are 2 miles long!  We hear them all day and night.  Most of you know how I sleep so it can sometimes be a problem but most of the time it is just another background noise.  I does amaze me, though, at how many of the small towns around here have houses right next to the tracks.  Not only is it noisy, you can feel the ground rumble when they go by so you know it must rattle the homes to some degree.

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