Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moab, Winery and Delicate Arch

Yesterday, we finally checked out one of the two wineries in the Moab area.  It was close enough that we rode our bikes over to the Spanish Valley Vineyards.  Yes, we actually rode the bikes we have been carrying around with us for months.

The only red wine they had for us to try was a merlot and it was good.  They also make a cabernet but were completely sold out at the winery so if we wanted to try it we would have to buy a bottle from the state liquor store (remember, we are in Utah). Hmmmm.

On the way home we passed this ranch with llamas, alpacas, ostrich, emu and horses.

Later, closer to sunset, we drove to Arches and hiked out to Delicate Arch for some sunset pictures.  Delicate Arch is always the one used in advertising for Utah and was the picture on their license plate for years. On the way to the arch we came across a little Ute rock art.

And some pretty scenery....

 Here is the reason why we and lots of other people made the trek out to the arch with the added bonus of a full moon.......

                                One of only a few free standing arches, notice the drop off behind the arch.

                               Yes, that is the moon on the left in the pic with the arch on the right.

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