Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gering NE to Rawlins WY

It was a traveling day.  After a wonderful week in Gering/Scottsbluff, NE, we had to leave cause it's going to get cold!  And it was time.

We stopped at Ft. Laramie, WY to check out the old military fort built originally around 1860.  It was built as a trading post for the pioneers then eventually taken over by the military. We did not have much time unfortunately as we knew the weather was going to get bad and wanted to be in Rawlins before it did so we were there only about an hour and a half when you really need a full day. It was a large place.

We found it very interesting with several of the building restored and the inside set up as they would have been during that time.

Mike is walking towards me from the Ft. Laramie sign looking upset because a bee would not leave him alone.  Don't blame him.

The 3 pics above are of the calvary barracks outside and in.

 This was the jail....and one did not really want to end up here!

 This building, if you can read the sign below, is the oldest structure in WY.

 Inside of the post office.
Bar for the enlisted.

 This picture taken through the window of Paradise as were the rest of these, is the first view of mountains we have had in a good month and a half!

 We saw more antelope than ever before today.  Hundreds,  it was awesome!  They are so beautiful.  I also saw, but too quick for a picture, a small herd of bighorn sheep.
We were dodging rain showers and were only sprinkled on slightly.  Tomorrow, we believe that will change as we travel to Rollins, CO, for our next night before arriving at our destination, Moab, UT on Thursday.

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