Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moab, Arches Nat'l Park, Devils Garden

This was our day yesterday.  7+ miles on a trail and several side trails in Devils Garden.  As you can see, it was beautiful and awesome.  Look for people in the pictures for perspective.  I've double up on a couple of the arches so you can see with and without people.

Landscape Arch on left Mike and Partition Arch on right.

Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch....what can I say, it's magnificent!

Partition Arch

Mike walking across the top of a "fin", part of the trail.

Double O Arch

Double O Arch backside with people.....

...and without people

Private Arch, well off main trail.

Private Arch from other side.


....and more fins, cool huh?

Pine Tree Arch

Pine tree Arch other side

OK, one more of Pine Tree Arch

Tunnel Arch and an arch with no name!


  1. I like how the captions are in the same frame as the pictures now. It's much easier to follow! However, I don't see the 2nd arch in the last pic...

  2. The dark circle up to the left is the second arch. It is harder to see because it curves up through the top of the wall. You can see a little glow. Comments seem to be working just fine!


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