Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moab, Arches Nat'l Park

We thought we would get a taste of Arches today knowing we will be going back a few more times.  Please keep in mind that everything is huge and it is important to have some pictures with people in them to get an idea of size.  Don't forget to click on the pictures for a closer look.  I have shown a couple of arches with and without at least one of us in the picture to give you a better perspective.

The snowcapped mountains you see are the Lasal Mtns.   ENJOY!!!

                                                        Balance Rock
                                              The Garden of Eden
                                               Turret Arch
                                                 North Window
                                                 Turret Arch
                                            Turret Arch with North Window Arch behind      
                                             Turret Arch with Mike!  He looks so tiny!
                                            North Window Arch
                                    North and South Window Arches called the "Spectacles"
                                 Loods like the Grand Canyon in the background....but it's not!
                                                       Double Arch
                                                     Double Arch with K and M
                                                    Inside Double Arch

                                                  Turret Arch
                                       Yes this view is for real, if ya didn't know it............

                                                            The place is magical!

There will be more pics from Arches in a few days.  But we have other things to do also!!

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