Friday, October 21, 2011

Moab, Tower Arch and Eye of the Whale Arch

Arches has some dirt roads in the park which are 4 wheel drive only and Tower Arch is on one of those roads,  so today we went to see Tower Arch.  We were told the road was pretty easy except for a sandy area.....but it turned out to be a lot more exciting than that.  We thought we might not make it up one steep area with lots of boulders and dips and actually had another guy who was out there and who was a lot more experienced than us guide us up it.  Turns out it was actually a "moderate" ranked trail after all.  It was a lot of fun and Mike had quite a work out.

Tower Arch

View out from under Tower Arch

Should have taken a picture in a rougher stretch but I was a little preoccupied then!

First view of Eye of the Whale, thought this arch was really cool!

From under the Eye of the Whale Arch

Another view from the front....the sun reflecting off the roof of the arch looks so cool!

Another view from under the arch looking out back.

Balance Rock, taken on the way out of the park.

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