Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rifle Gap State Park and Rifle Gap Falls

Sure enough, no wifi last night but it was worth giving it up!  We drove yesterday from Rawlins, WY to just outside Rifle, CO.  Great scenery through the mountains, lots more antelope.  I will forever now think of Wyoming when antelope are mentioned.  Here are the first pictures I took in CO along side the road.

Our destination was Rifle Gap State Park and what a beautiful place it is!  Just off Hwy 13 north of Rifle, CO.  We are virtually alone in a beautiful campground overlooking a lake surrounded by mountain tops and it is raining lightly.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon the ranger said we had to go see Rifle Falls.  It meant that we had to unhook the jeep but it turned out to be oh so worth it!  We had a lovely afternoon.  

The falls are beautiful and the fall colors are showing in the trees and along the trails.   There were also some small caves near the falls to check out.  We were so happy we arrived early enough to enjoy this area.  Tonight, the ranger there said they were expecting snow possibly!

Some pictures of the falls and trails......

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