Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park

Yesterday we checked out Dead Horse State Park.  Got a few pics, of course, but was a bit disappointed because the view from this high plateau was not very clear.  Nevertheless, we had a very nice hike, two actually, and put in over 5 miles.  This was really good because Mike has been having some trouble with his right knee and a trip to the doctors resulting in a cortisone shot seems to have helped. Yay!

After Dead Horse we went off road down Long Canyon (which we drove from the other direction a couple of weeks ago) ending at the CO River and stopped to check out some dinosaur tracks indicated by a sign.  Then we found right above the tracks, on the same wall if you will, a whole newspaper of indian art/writing/petroglyphs, whatever you want to call it.

Met some folk from Texas who took this pic of us!

I know it's just a split rock but I liked it........

.......and the way this tree is growing

detail of the point in front of me in prev pic

New snow on the LaSals in the distance

Love these "potholes" in the slick rock.  In spring they are full of life!

Through window in jeep as we begin our decent into Long Canyon

Up ahead, we have to drive under that rock??

OK, no big deal.....we fit, but larger vehicles would not!

Dino tracks on rock to left with CO River down below

Me taking pic of newspaper, note drawing all along the wall and again, CO River below right

Arch across river upper right

Detail of arch, see light shining through top?

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