Friday, October 7, 2011

Moab, UT

We are settled in our new camp space at the OK Campground in Moab and it is cold!!  It is going to warm up over the next week which is good as we will be staying here at least 2 weeks.

What a beautiful area!  I have always loved this place and it is so nice to really spend some time here without having to worry about rushing back to Vegas to go to work!;)

Yesterdays trip here from Rifle, CO, was a bit stressful.  We both drove and we both delt with rain and wind.....I was even lucky enough to get some sleet.  Here is a picture of the Rocky Mountains as we drove along....look at all the snow!

  However, driving along the Colorado River and into the Moab area erased all the stress.  Wow!  The colors pop like crazy with rain as you can see.  This is the first picture I took.

These next couple of pictures were taken last evening also and in the second picture you can see the town of Moab down in the valley.

I am going to have plenty of photo ops while we are here, not to worry (just in case anyone was;))  We will be seeing Arches Nat'l Park, Canyonlands Nat'l Park, Sandflats State Park, doing lots of hiking and 4x4ing, checking out a couple of local wineries and a brewery, etc.,etc......OH BOY!!!:)

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