Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moab, Pictographs-Ancient Indian Art Work

Went to two sites where there were pictographs today.  Petroglyphs are fairly common, art work being etched into stone.  Pictographs are painted and much more rare.      

The first site was near the entrance to Arches Nat'l Park and it was a pretty good size newspaper of pictographs.  You have to know where to look which is a good thing because the pictographs are not enclosed or protected.

I thought those were pretty darn great and then we drove out to Sego Canyon about 30 miles away and saw the largest display of pictographs I have ever seen.  With paintings done on different rock panels over the centuries.  The time line on these was 7000BC to 1600AD  amazing!  These were done by the Ute indians.

                 These paintings are actually inside an old corral, the rock wall was used as one side of the corral!
 Take a look at Mike to give you an idea of the size of these paintings.

 There were also petroglyphs and, unfortunately, lots of more modern graffiti.

We then headed back to Moab driving along the Colorado River but first stopped for a few pictures of the river and a stop at the other winery in the area, the Castle Valley Winery.


  1. I can't believe somebody tried to use that historical wall as part of a current structure! The animals could have erased history!!

  2. The reason the paintings are faded at the bottom is because the cattle have been slowing erasing them. It did not look like the corral was being used anymore, but it was not that long ago that it was in use. Very sad.


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