Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rifle, CO

Rifle, CO is our destination today but we will not have any wifi at the campground so just a little something to tide you all over.

When I met Mike and we started driving around outside Vegas and would come across a picture sign to watch out for cattle, he would wonder why the picture showed a cow with horns (the udders indicated a cow) and was sure they did not have horns.  I, of course, said they would not make a sign like that if some cows did  or could have horns.  But every time we would see one of those signs, he would comment on it.....

When we went to Chimney Rock a few days ago outside of Scottsbluff, there were cattle in the foreground of pictures I took of Chimney Rock.  Some of those cows had very nice horns!

So there you case you have ever wondered about that yourselves.

We had several hours of rain last night but it is not raining now and we are going to try to slip through before it starts raining again later today at our destination which has been forecasted.

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