Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hiking Scotts Bluff

Our first real hike in a long while!  Scotts Bluff Nat'l Monument is in our back yard right now and it makes a pretty backdrop.  Scotts Bluff is known for being a landmark on the trail out west.  The pioneers passed by knowing they were now a third of the way to their new home, the pony express used the trail and the gold miners traveled the route to the gold rush.

This morning we climbed it and it was nice hike.  The weather was awesome and the view was also.

  This picture was taken as we neared the top of the trail looking down on our campground.  If you look  behind the brown building in the foreground, you can see part of the top and front window of Paradise!

You can see the path we took in this one as we climbed the bluff.

 View from the top, click on the picture.
 We made it!
This next pic shows Chimney Rock Nat'l Monument 25 miles across the plains.  Can you see the chimney?

Back at the bottom here I am trying out a Mormon wagon.  They would pull this full of all their worldly possessions.  I am sure I would not have been smiling....probably would not have even made it!

Here is the trail as it goes by the bluff.

This afternoon we also drove out in the prairie to see an old trading post and visit graves of some of the pioneers who did not make it.

It was another good day.

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