Monday, September 26, 2011

Bison Roundup

This morning we drove out the to Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge again because we wanted to witness, if possible, the roundup of the bison.  This is the time of year when they are moved to their winter grounds.  But before that happens the rangers, and help, herd the bison into the corrals for inspection, tagging, DNA sampling and weeding some out for sale.

We had quite the show!  There were no bison in sight when we got there but were assured they were being round up and should be appearing over the hill soon.  Keeping in mind that these are huge pasture areas when they showed up with cowboys and trucks moving them, they were moving fast and some of the herd broke off and came right toward us!  I was sitting on top of an 8ft steel fence and felt pretty comfortable until this group came toward us and one of them actually hit the fence!

I was not able to copy the video to this blog but have a couple of them that I will try to put on Facebook or UTube.  Here are a couple of pictures at least.

Tomorrow we leave Valentine for Gering, NE.  I am going to sign off now and post this cause it's late. I will finish our adventures of today tomorrow as it is a travel day anyway.

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