Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nebraska City

Good Morning!  I am writing this post before we leave the Omaha area as we are not sure if we will have wifi this evening at the state park we will be staying at in Bloomfield. So it may be a couple of days before another posting.

Nebraska City is where we went on Sunday for the apple festival.  We had rain quite a bit of the day but it did stop in time for us to enjoy a walk down the main street where they were holding a car show.  I don't know if it was Main Street but it looks like every main street in every town out here and they are very quaint.

I asked Jen to pose next to this old Mustang cause it's pretty like she is.  Love that color too!

They were selling some apple concoctions on main street but we wanted to go to a farm so we drove the the Arbor Day Farm.

 Notice the apple trees below the sign.

Nebraska City is not just about apples. They refer to themselves as the "Tree City" and have a huge Arbor Day celebration in the spring.  This farm also has a winery so we had a tasting while checking out the apple stuff.  Notice wine tasting in the foreground and bins of apples in the background.

Allie is telling mom and dad what kind of apples she wants......very expressive;)

There was also a little live music, maybe someone can help me with the name of this instrument?  I think it is a dulcimer??

We checked out some fresh apple pie and cider and found it to be quite yummy.  A nice afternoon.

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