Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a Couple of Days....

...before we start our next adventure!  Wow, these past 5 weeks have flown.

It has been wonderful spending the time with Allie though.  At six months old now we have see her change so much!  She reaches for things and passes them from hand to hand, when we sit her up she will stay for minutes at a time before keeling over, she rolls all over with purpose.  She is amazing and I will miss her lots.  She is a happy, healthy child and we are blessed.

We will be heading up to Bloomfield, NE, Tuesday morning and although we do have a plan, the weather may change things.  Here it has become very fall like.  Even trees are changing colors and the temperature has dropped dramatically.  We have had rain the past 2 days and are expecting more today.  The high today will hopefully be in the 60's but it has already been colder than that.....a far cry from Vegas!

The corn and soy should be harvested any time now but it does not look like we will see that happen.

We are heading down to Nebraska City today for their apple harvest festival.  I will, hopefully, get some nice pictures.  We do plan for getting wet at this point though.

Here is a picture of one of the many barns and silos dotting the NE landscape.  This one looks abandoned and just caught my eye.

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