Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gering, NE

Well we are here in Gering, NE.  Unfortunately, the internet speed is horrible and we may not be able to do much here.  The weather, however, is beautiful so there you are.

Let's try....

After we left the roundup yesterday we drove along the Niobrara River.  Very scenic.  Saw our first bald eagle, lots of wild turkey and cattle, of course, there is cattle everywhere in NE.

Then we drove back to the refuge to watch the rangers herd some of the bison into corrals for the weeding out and testing and chipping, if necessary.  That was very cook because there were catwalks all around and through the corrals and we could walk around and see a lot that went on.

In the second picture a bison has just been guided into this squeeze box so that, in the next picture, the ranger can tag his ear.  No easy task.  This took several tries.  The whole operation was very interesting and we were thrilled to be able to see it all.

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