Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The SAC museum

 Sunday Mike and I went to get a stamp in our parks passport at the Lewis and Clark Midwest Center on the Missouri River in Omaha.  It was interesting to see the river still flooded and we enjoyed a walk over the pedestrian bridge to Iowa and back.

Monday we took Allie to the SAC museum.  If you are a military aircraft buff, this museum is for you.  Even if you are not, it is pretty impressive.  It has a couple of static display hangers  full of aircraft along with lots of background info, what the aircraft was designed and used for etc.

Allie did very well, it was the first trip out without mom where we might have to feed her and we took a bottle of moms milk not knowing if we would be able to heat it up.  Turns out she did get hungry but there was a cafe at the museum where we were able to have the milk warmed and all was good!  As you can see, she enjoyed riding some of the aircraft herself!

Have to include a lovely Nebraska sunrise.  It is nice to see something so pretty comes from some of this humidity!

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