Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hit the road today!

This is for all of you who are curious about what we (Keyna and Mike) are up to, where we are, how we are doing in our retirement, when we might be through your area etc. etc. etc.

OK, this is for me too, cause I just have to try to convey some of my excitement about what we are seeing and doing!

I will endeavor to keep it as up to date as possible and it will, of course, include pictures!

As I am just learning this whole blogging thing, please bear with me.

Mike and I left Las Vegas today in our motorhome to meander our way up to Omaha, NE, to spend a month with my first grandchild, Allie Marie.  Her proud parents are my son, Jared, and my daughter-in-law, Jenny.  Allie will be about 5 months then.  She is so darn cute!

Anyway, we traveled a little over 300 miles today through some beautiful country and are spending the night in Richfield, UT.  It is really lovely here.  The temp is only in the 90's which is a nice break from Vegas and the KOA we are spending the night in is really nice, lots of trees, green patches with picnic tables at every space...no bugs.

No pictures yet cause I have not figured out how to upload them or where they go and cause it's late we need to hit the sack.

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