Monday, March 5, 2012

Marana AZ, A desert curiosity

After driving through the ghost towns we drove off the dirt road we were on to a side road and went for about a mile till we came to what you see here.  We actually read about this place  and then heard about it and were told we must see it if possible.  It was quite fun!

This is someones yard and it extends along either side of the road for a couple hundred feet.  It is in the middle of nowhere.  A woman came out while we were there and just explained that her husband liked to collect stuff!  Wow, does he ever!  There is also a small trailer on the site that has thousands of items for sale, on the honor system, and a lot of the stuff is made from snakeskin.  All the objects outside for the most part are to look at, the stuff in the trailer, if you like something, you take it and leave the money in a box.  Enjoy

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