Thursday, March 8, 2012

Omaha NE, Wineries near Benson

Yes, we are back in Omaha for about 2 and a half weeks!  We flew in yesterday to spend time with Allie, Jared and Jen and to take care of up to South Dakota next week to obtain our SD driver licenses to show we have become residents.   Why you ask????  Because we really live on the road now and the purchase of our new motorhome will incur considerably lower taxes and registration fees if we claim South Dakota as our residence.  Hello South Dakota!

On Feb 25th we hit some wineries near Benson, AZ.  Every time we drove south of Benson, we had to go through a Border Patrol checkpoint.  That was a little weird.

Keeling Schaffer is the name of the first winery shown and the only one we visited that we found something we liked, actually we liked it a lot. It was a nice bold Syrah.  It is always a good day to check out wineries and an even better one when we find a nice wine!

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