Friday, March 2, 2012

Marana, AZ, Tombstone

We left Benson and drove to Marana yesterday morning and then, believe it or not, we took the rest of the day off and just relaxed outside reading, etc.  Marana is just north of Tucson.  We do have a few things lined up here to do and it is going to be warm!  Supposed to get up to high 80's in the next couple of days.

I have a weeks worth of pics from the Benson area first.  Actually, it will probably be about 2 weeks worth as we did so many things there!  Today you get a tour of the Tombstone courthouse.  I had been to Tombstone twice before, once as a young girl and then as a young adult but it was cool to see it again when I could spend more time.  Billed as "The Town to Tough to Die", this is where the gunfight at the OK Corral took place among other colorful events.  The courthouse:

Doc Holliday

Wyatt Earp

Account of the shooting.....more on this later

schoolteachers dress

replica of the gallows used for the last hanging....yep a double one

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