Monday, March 19, 2012

Omaha NE, Coronado Natl Mon. AZ, Feb 28th

Sorry, you can see how far behind I still am as far as posting because we did so much in AZ and we have been a bit busy here in Omaha these past few days.

You may be wondering why no pictures of Allie yet???  Well, trust me, they will be coming!  Not only am I behind in posting but my computer is full, as in I must move pics to another hard drive to accommodate more, and that is holding me up from updating pics of Allie I have in my camera.  I have a few;) as she turned one last week and also was christened yesterday so I do want to share some pics as soon as I can get them on my computer!!!!  Allie is quite the delight. It is fun to watch her grow.

In the meantime, here are pics from Coronado National Monument.  That was a fun after noon!  The monument is located within easy view of the "fence" that divides us from Mexico and, once again, that was a strange feeling as was reading the sign that I have posted below.

The highlight of the monument is a dry cave which one can explore at their leisure....if you don't mind the dark and enclosed dusty spaces!  It is a large cave with 2 good sized rooms and measures about 600 from the entrance to the back.  Mike and I were completely alone and throughly enjoyed the experience of exploring the cave by ourselves!

That is Mike up ahead in the tunnel

That was fun!

The black "line" is the US/Mexico border

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